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The R+W app blurs the borders between the real and virtual worlds. Augmented Reality technology lets you experience the product programme as you have never seen it before. Additional information is available on all of the products depicted in the R+W brochure. You can access it in augmented reality for free with your iphone or ipad. Available at the App Store or on Google Play for Android.

Just a few steps to Augmented Reality:

1. Download the free R+W App from the App store (available for all devices with iOS version 7.0 or higher for iphone/ipad and devices with Android version 4.1 or higher)

2. Wherever you see a product depicted in the brochure, you can use the augmented reality app to learn more about it.

3. The app recognises the original scan and displays the AR content. To load this content hold your mobile device about 20-30cm above the brochure and move it slightly. 3-D models, animations, videos and other information are waiting to be discovered!

Click here to see the R+W brochure or call us on 01604 588056 for more information on R+W couplings or other products from Tandler.










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