The ServoFoxx PSK 2

The ServoFoxx PSK 2 right angle planetary bevel gearbox is one of the most versatile designs on the market. The planetary input can have up to 3 stages, which in combination with spiral bevel ratio, allows ratios up to 6000:1 to be offered. Features include standard backlash 7-9 arc minutes, reduced backlash down to 3 arc minutes and a maximum torque up to 1400Nm. The bevel section of this gearbox can be configured in any spiral bevel configuration Tandler offers. The result is an unmatched design flexibility, including auxiliary output shafts, a hollow output shaft, engage/disengage and reversing capabilities to name a few. Atex, stainless steel and other special coatings available on request.

For more information on ServoFoxx gearboxes or any other Tandler products please call us on 01604 588056.






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